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What Is A NAP?

Written by Darren Wilson
Last updated 3 years ago

A NAP which is often referred to as a racing NAP is horse racing jargon that a lot of people have no idea the true meaning. This question comes up time after time, what is a NAP?

Well we use the term daily with our tips and almost all tipsters use the saying. It comes from the card game Napoleon and shows horse racing enthusiasts the tipsters most confident bet of the day. We offer our racing naps at generally higher betting points when using our betting system as we are more confident in the racing tip and it means we recommend putting a little bit more money down as a bet.

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The term is originally French and the card game Napoleon sums up the meaning in itself. The card game is all about having the best hand, when a player believes he has the best hand it’s called a Napoleon. It’s simple terminology and when you know it, it seems so obvious.

Along with a NAP there is also an abbreviation that many tipsters use which is an NB. Now an NB is if a tipster has a tip which is regarded more confident than the standard tips but not a NAP. Abbreviated NB stands for Next Best offering two bets of the day. Our daily selections include a NAP but we tend not to use NB in our premium tipster service as its not needed when following our betting system.

When following a tipsters daily NAP it gives a good indication on the quality of the horse racing tips. If the daily NAP isn’t coming in and it’s recommended as the best tip then there’s a few problems. It’s not something that is essential to finding the right racing tips though especially if there are only a small handful of premium tips daily.

When following NAP tips it’s best not to look at these as ‘bankers’. Theses aren’t certainties and in the long run you could lose a lot of money by placing high stakes on racing NAP’s and not following a strict system. These bets are just indicators that there’s a very strong chance that the horse will do well in the race and it must be backed accordingly.

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