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Points Betting System

Written by Darren Wilson
Last updated 3 years ago

Points Based Betting

If you’re looking to earn some serious money and bet like a professional it’s very important to follow our simple points betting system. It’s the best way for us to tell you how much to stake on each tip and also to ensure you on which are our most likely tips.

What Is A Betting Bank?

To start with, everyone who uses Star Tipster must have a betting bank. An allotted amount of money you set aside purely for betting only. Your betting bank can be anywhere from £100 to £10,000 or more. The size of your bank isn’t important and doesn’t affect your chances of making serious profit with our service. Make sure you have your betting bank ready before you place your first bet! Success will come by following these simple betting rules.

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How Much Are Points Worth?

Once we have our betting bank ready we need to split this down to 100 points. For example if you have £100 for your betting bank, each point is worth £1. If you have £500 for betting then each point is £5. It’s really tempting sometimes to move away from the points betting system but don’t do it! Every tip that we release throughout the day will have points instead of £’s. So for example we have some strong info on a horse from one of our stable contacts, he advises us that this will win easily from the field work done and the improvements that the horse has made. We would stick a 4 point win on the tip. If you’re using a betting bank of £100 then your bet would be a £4 win. £500 would be a £20 win bet and so on. You can see below where our betting points are place within our tip cards.

Make Money From Betting

When following this system your betting bank will grow and it will keep on growing. This is the best thing about if your starting out small, after 2 – 4 weeks your betting points will be worth more. So no longer are your points worth £1 each, by the 2nd week they could be worth £5. Creating quality, steady profit takes time but it’s worth the wait. So many people lose at betting due to putting on accumulators hoping that the 8 horses will fly home, but to be a professional gambler you need to break this habit and work with the probability. We’re making your betting easy by advising you how much to stake and increasing your probability with our 1st hand information. Remember that a lot of our betting points are ‘E/W’ meaning and each way bet.

We advise everyone to bet on every one of our tips to have consistent success with our points betting system. Good luck and be sensible, gamble responsively.

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