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What Does SP Mean?

Written by Darren Wilson
Last updated 4 years ago

On all our racing tips we display and SP on every tip. A lot of members have been asking what does SP mean? Well it’s a term used in betting and it stands for Starting Price. These are the odds of the horse at the start of the race.

On all our race cards we display an SP but we display the odds that are available when we tip our horses. This is why it’s best to get on the horse as quick as possible as prices fluctuate a lot on most of our picks. Getting an early SP is key to making the most profit especially when your bookmaker offers best odds guaranteed.

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Often you will see that we display a starting price let’s say at 14/1 but on most bookmakers it could be 8/1, this is due to the markets changing but if you placed a bet on the horse when you received our email, this is the price you would have had.

In a high street bookmaker you have the opportunity to take the fixed price of a bet or take the SP. If you think that your horse will drift then it’s often best to take the SP. With online gambling taking over the bricks and mortar stores there’s less need for the SP with most offering the best odds anyway.

The SP is measured from SP reporters who set the starting price which is fair and accurate from a variety of data including form and betting trends. Often on ante post betting you will only be able to take the SP as there is no betting trends available for the reporters to set an early price.

The SP can give a good indication on the chances of a horse winning and what people are betting on. This is even more noticeable a few minutes before a race, the markets often quickly change when lots of money is placed on horses. Quite often we see favourites drifting and outsiders becoming favourite or 2nd favourite. It’s something to take into consideration when betting on horses.

We aim to show the best places to bet using our Bet Now button. We look through the best odds to feature on all our race cards. This button can be found under our starting price odds that we feature.

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