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Free Betting Calculator

It’s never been so easy to find out how much profit or loss your bet will return. With our bet calculator you can easily input your bet stake and odds to see what your bet will return. The most popular type of bet in horse racing is a single bet which is pretty simple to work out but our bet calculator will help when odds are a bit more confusing.

How Does The Bet Calculator Work?

Our calculators work by taking your stake and odds and working out how much you risk if your bet loses, or how much you will gain in profit if your selection(s) win or place. The betting calculator works out what stake you have and takes this off the full return to show you profit/loss.

What Bet Calculators Are Available?

Our betting calculator covers the most popular bets in horse racing. This includes singles, doubles, trebles, Lucky 15’s & accumulator bets. When it comes to the likes of Lucky 15’2 & Accumulators it can be very confusing to work out your returns, especially if you have placed each way bets. This is where our calculator will work out everything you need to know before, or after you bet.
Use our free betting calculators and find out what profit your bet will return today.