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Is there a guaranteed way to win in horse racing?

Written by Darren Wilson
Last updated 3 years ago

A question that comes up time after time is, is there a guaranteed way to win in horse racing? Firstly there’s a lot of things to consider when betting on horses and nothing is an absolute certain but there are ways to increase your chances. To start with one of the most important factors to getting the biggest chance from winning in horse racing is getting inside information. For instance, trainers know what horses have a huge chance of winning a specific race as he or she is taking race times in training and knows exactly what the average time a race is ran at. The trainer knows if the horse is fit and running well. Form is a big thing that every horse racing punter follows but home form is even more of an indicator.

So the trainers let people in on the information like owners who then go on to pass information to close contacts and word gets about when your in the industry. The small time owners who have shares in the horse are just like you and me. They invest into a horse for a share and get key information that the trainer knows. That’s where having good connections in racing is key to landing some nice (usually high priced) horses.

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A lot of punters will get advice from stable lads but generally they will know if a horse is fit but not the intricate details and statistics that the trainer knows. The trainer is the decider for races the horse is entered in so he or she knows how the horse will perform over the course and distance. You must keep in mind though that every race is a gamble as there will be 3 or 4 trainers all trying in the race so nothing is an absolute certain.

If your looking for horses that have a higher chance of winning then we offer insights and racing info on horses with our daily tipping service. We look at different angles on horses entered into each race and point out key information. Normally a service like our would cost a pretty penny but we don’t believe that tips should be paid for as at the end of the day it’s still a gamble.

When you see our 5 point win tips which come round once a while, these are tip off’s that we have had from key contacts in the industry. We have a big strike rate on these tips and get some nice prices. Tips like these only get out for people in the know as most of them are out on the first run or running well at home. Having information like this will increase your chances in winning so get on board and create your free account today.

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