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Things To Look For When Betting On Horses

Written by Darren Wilson
Last updated 3 years ago

When your new at betting on horses it can be a minefield so we have put together a list of things to look for when betting on horses. It can be very time consuming finding that right selection but it can make the difference between winning and losing. When your first starting out as a punter it can be a gruelling task and a lot don’t even bother and go just off the odds and previous form. This is the easy way out and you will find that after a few selections following these variables, you will soon be able to go through each statistic in very little time. It’s like anything, over time it becomes easy and speedier!

Horse & Jockey/Trainer: Take a close look at the jockeys in the race and find out which one is in form. Jockeys tend to do well over a few races and quite often there is a massive difference especially in small fields. Also take note of the trainer form and if you can get a Jockey & Trainer combo in form your massively increasing your chances on bagging a winner.

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Class: If your not too clued up on the different classes in horse racing then check out our help guide. It’s always worth checking if a horse has dropped in class, it does mean that the horse isn’t in the best of form but it’s now racing against lower graded horses and horses form can change very quickly. Quite often we see horses drop in class and win easily in a lower graded race.

Lone Favourites: Now these types of bets have very poor odds but obviously this is due to the massive difference in form. We quite often see a 6 horse race with the favourite being let’s say 4/6 and the 2nd favourite being 5/1. These are often easy money but with low return. Betting on horse racing should be small amounts consistently so don’t be afraid of winning a small bet to double your money.

Course & Location: In horse racing there are many different course surfaces including turf, dirt and all weather. Horses have a tendency to run better on a specific course surface especially at Newcastle racecourse. Look out for course and distance winners and look in depth on form on other race courses which horses have previously ran.

There are many other factors to take into consideration including going and weight which must be included in every race. Horses always run better under certain conditions, heavy ground and fast ground makes a massive difference on a horses performance.

We cover all the main factors to think about when backing horses in our free service. You can quickly pick up on different angles that are in our tips that many of you would never of thought about. We make the hard work easy for you and aim to get the best value out of every one of our tips.

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